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January 8th, 2016

  • Documentary that I am digging:  Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon
    Mike Meyers makes his directorial debut with this documentary about Shep Gordon a man with so many connections and life experiences it will make your head spin.  Shep Gordon was the manager for artists Alice Cooper, Blondie, Pink Floyd, and Teddy Pendergrass, just to name a few and he also had a passion for making movies, cooking, and his Buddhist beliefs.  Shep is also the reason we have the celebrity chef today.  The film takes a look at his life and how he dominated in an industry, notorious for being cut throat, by being a great human being and doing right by those around him.  I couldn't recommend this film more!  It is now on Netflix.

  • Music:  I have been so excited that The Beatles have finally been added to Spotify!  Finally!  I have Been listening to a lot of their selections over the past couple of weeks and cannot get enough of them.  It is fun to listen to their sound progress through each album, knowing the backstory of what they were dealing with socially and as a band.  The collection added to Spotify appears to be all of their UK releases and not the albums the were released here.  The track order and selections are a little different and albums like Yesterday and Today are absent.  Nonetheless, their catalog is up and ready to be enjoyed by the masses!

Best Stocking Stuffer from Christmas:  Incense Matches.  These have been such a great gift.  They're like regular matches but when you blow them out they keep smouldering and emit a wonderful scent just like incense.  These matches are great for a brief additional scent when lighting a candle or for use in the bathroom.  They can be purchased on Amazon.com, get them here.

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